To pursue physical, intellectual, and emotional growth through dance.

Mission Statement
Bonnie's Dance School is committed to providing dancers and their families a positive environment where dancers will receive a comprehensive dance education to inspire excellence. We have a strong desire to instill a passion and an enthusiasm in our dancers to help them excel and be a positive influence in the world around them.

Three areas of emphasis

Physical-  Increased flexibility, improved circulation, general improvement of body composition and muscle development, better posture, balance, coordination, grace, being comfortable in their body and endurance.

Intellectual- Enhancement of neurological functions, enrichment of a learning environment, learning styles, creativity and memorization skills.

Emotional-Self- Confidence and self-esteem in a supportive and safe environment, improved sensitivity, understanding, patience, appreciation, and consideration of others and to instill a sense of teamwork

Our goal, as teachers, is to not only teach dance, but to also inspire our students. We love to tell our dancers that we can do hard things. We say this in an effort to not only improve their dance technique, but to also develop personal dedication in our dancers to spill over into all aspects of their lives.  We want our dancers to learn and accomplish anything that they put their minds to.

We are absolutely committed to using music, costume and dance movements that are family friendly and wholesome.
At Bonnie's Dance School we love to see our dancers smiling faces as they are discovering and developing their artistic talents, which builds their self confidence. As our dancers finish each class we want them to walk away knowing that they worked hard, did a great job and that they feel empowered, beautiful and confident. We believe that children learn their best in a positive and happy environment.
Bonnie's Dance School strives to ensure an atmosphere of acceptance and excitement.  We want our dance classes to be both fun and challenging.  As we laugh-we also work very hard and we encourage our students to give every class 100% of their effort. We will strive to make your child's dance opportunity with us a wonderful experience.


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