Monthly tuition for Bonnie’s Dance School is $28.00. We do an in-studio performance for Halloween (they wear their own costumes) and for Christmas (where I provide the costume for them to use). Their performances take place during the beginning or last part of their scheduled class time. We only meet for half of the month of December and so tuition for that month is $13.50. At the end of November there will be a $45.00 costume fee is due which they will use for their May recital. The beginning of April a $20.00 recital fee is due which covers the cost of renting a building and paying for the insurance for the night of our rehearsal and for the night of our recital. This concert is mid-May and so tuition for May is $13.50 as well. We then start our summer break and resume classes in September.

Click here for Bonnies Dance School Student Application

Please print application, completely fill out and return to studio


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